✅ Hair Update | Stage 20 Growing It Out – Another Bad Month of Hair Growth

✅ Hair Update | Stage 20 Growing It Out – Another Bad Month of Hair Growth

This month I was definitely a shower not a grower…

Hahah. If I’m honest, this month was probably one of the worst months I’ve seen in my hair growth history. Like e’re literally talking not even half an inch…

Regardless, here I am for hair growth check-in number 20! Before I get into the juicy bits, make sure you come over and join my facebook group here:

So, where am I up to with my hair growth?

Well, I still don’t have a desired destination because as it keeps getting longer, I keep falling more in love it so that’s still a massive question mark.

But as for how much my hair has grown over the last month, it’s been pretty bad. In my last hair growth check-in I measured in at just under 16.5 inches from the batch of hairs I pulled out and this months batch showed an average result of about 16.8 – 16.9 inches…

Overall, I think this is pretty normal to experience seeing as I’ve seen this before in previous hair growth check-ins but still, it’s just annoying when I’m hoping for more haha.

The worst thing though is it’s been nearly 6 months since I got my hair trimmed last which is almost double the time period I should wait and my end are starting to get that frazzly yuck feeling again. Which means I need to go and get it trimmed which means the last inch of hair growth is about to get discarded!

Not super impressed with that but hey, I’d rather have shorter, healthier hair rather than have longer unhealthy hair… ya dig?

So no doubt by my next hair growth check-in I’ll have had another inch taken off and I’ll just continue from there.

In terms of things I’ve been been trying with my hair lately, I’m super obsessed with flat iron curls at the moment. I’ve really been practicing my technique lately and am super stoked with the result. As you can see in this video, my hair probably looks a little more luscious and amazing due to my hair curling efforts haha.

I am thinking of bringing you guys a tutorial soon on how I do it so if that’s something you’re interested in learning how to do it’s definitely on the cards :).

In other news as well, I’m about to test out these awesome things called “Wave Formers”. They are this quirky plastic device in a weird squiggly shape that you slip on your hair and let hair dry or blow dry and they then your hair is supposed to take on that exact shape.

They are really interesting and the reason I thought they would be a great thing to try is because I have so much trouble using a blow dryer to make my hair look good I thought, if I could blow dry it in a casing, maybe it would look so boofy…

A video on me trying them is coming really soon, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that too!

Other than that, that’s all I really have for you on the hair growth front this month and I hope you enjoyed this video!

Please let me know how you are going on your hair growth journey and I’ll see you next week for another video!

Have an awesome day!

Yours in good hair,

Thomas in Action x

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