✅ Getting the Keratin Treatment (Before & After) – Men's Curly Hair

✅ Getting the Keratin Treatment (Before & After) – Men's Curly Hair

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I finally got a Keratin treatment and here are the how it turned out!

Hey guys, I know SO many of you have been waiting for me to get this keratin hair treatment and make a video for you to watch. Well, it’s finally here! 🙂

I mentioned in this video that I would link you to my post about the Deep Intense Conditioning Masq and here is the link:

For more info on the bhave brand and their products, click here:
South Africa:

And you can find them on Instagram using the handle: @bhavehair

For any of you who have never heard of a Keratin treatment, just to give you the lowdown on what it does:
It smoothes the cuticles to significantly reduce frizz.
It relaxes naturally curly hair to make it more manageable.
It lasts for 4 months before reverting back to its normal state.
It enables to you do your hair 199284305395034 quicker.
It makes it shiner
It’s just the f#cking best.

As a lot of you will know, I am a superfan of the hair care brand named bhave. Around about 4 years ago I got my first keratin treatment done at Dale’s salon on Chevron island and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the difference the bhave keratin hair treatment made to my hair. The day I got it done was the day I was introduced to bhave products and 4 years later here I am getting the keratin treatment done again but this time, I’m collaborating with them!

The lovely Jo was kind enough to dedicate a whole day to come and hang out with me down at Phoenix and fire to help put together awesome keratin treatment video and educate me (and you) a little bit more about the NEW keratin hair treatment bhave have just brought out.

To keep it simple, bhave have more than one keratin hair treatment available on the market. The one I got 4 years ago was called the Keratin Smooth Plus treatment and is mainly for softening the hair. The Smooth plus keratin treatment on natural hair for me was amazing but the only downfall I could see in it was I needed to leave my hair completely dry for at least 48 hours. This as you could probably image is hard to do especially if you are someone who is active and enjoys the shower.

However the new keratin treatment that bhave have produced, The XT Keratin Treatment, is instant and allows you to wet and colour your hair half an hour after the Keratin treatment is complete. This makes it much more practical and if I’m honest, my experience with the XT keratin treatment was much better than the smooth plus.

If you came across this video by searching for “keratin straightening treatment”, I just want to tell you now, that’s not the idea with a keratin treatment. There is a massive misconception that a keratin hair treatment is designed to “permanently straighten” your hair. This is false. It’s designed to drop and relax your curl pattern, reduce frizz and then return to its normal state after 4 months.

If you are someone who found this video by searching for “keratin treatment curly hair” then you are in the right place. If you watch right the way through this video, you see what wonders this keratin treatment did for my hair.

If you found this video by searching for “keratin hair treatment at home”, I strongly urge you to not lol. These types of hair treatments are best done by a professional as it’s quite a complex procedure and can certainly result in a keratin treatment gone wrong.

SIDE NOTE: This a keratin treatment on natural hair. What I mean by “natural hair” is nothing has been done previously to my hair e.g colour, chemical treatments etc. The XT keratin treatment is only really suitable for hair that’s in good condition, so if you know your hair isn’t in great shape, you’d probably be best suited to the smooth plus.

I really hope you enjoyed this video and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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