✅ 3 Tips to Increase Your Hair Volume – Men’s Hair

✅ 3 Tips to Increase Your Hair Volume – Men’s Hair

Hey guys, If you have been struggling to get some volume in your hair here’s a few little tips and tricks I have for you!

1) The type of haircut:
So hairstyles like the disconnected undercut or any hairstyle with shaved sides will take the emphasis off the side bulk and put more emphasis on top bulk making the hair seem taller.

Beware though, this tip isn’t really suitable for people who have a rectangle face shape as it can make your head look even longer. It’s best suited for people with round or oval face shapes.
Info on face shapes:

2) Products:
There are tons of volumizing products out there. You may have heard a lot about volumizing powders. A volumizing powder pretty much makes normal hair with no volume behave like mine, it ruffles the hair fibres, absorbs moisture and causes the follicles to pop open and present bigger than usual.

Now my hair naturally does that without even need to use a powder and in turn, that’s why it looks like I have so much hair. There’s also volumizing shampoo and conditioners that I believe do the same sort of thing. The only problem with powders is they can make your hair feel a bit stiff.

Volumizing powders:
Bhave Gunpowder:

3) Using Vitamins:
Another alternative is to try hand get more hair growing through, not so much lengthwise but numbers wise. The thicker your hair grows the more volume you’ll have. I’ve been using Watermans over the last few months to not only help me achieve length but also plump my hair even more. You can try the vitamins or there’s a heap of other alternatives out there, I watched a video of Robin James the other day at a hair clinic that specialises in it so I might leave a link to it in the description for you guys.

Watermans Grow Pro Hair Growth Vitamins:

Robins video for fuller hair growth:

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