Thin Hair Treatment

Lifeless Thin Hair
Don’t use a body building gel or mousse on wet hair as it will make your hair go limp. Water will dilute the active ingredients in most volumizers. Instead, towel dry hair, removing the excess moisture, then massage volumizer into hair and style as usual.
Home treatments for lifeless thin hair     Don’t use hot rollers. Get some Velcro rollers and put them in your hair just after blowing dry. Leave them in until you are finished getting ready. A few minutes before you’re about to leave, take out the rollers, brush through once (with head turned down) and you will have hair that has volume and bounce.
If your hair is lacking lift and volume then on dry hair apply a few Velcro rollers around the top of your head, a fine spray of styling product and a blast with your hairdryer for about 1 minute then allow to cool around 3 or 4 minutes and remove rollers, you should now have more bounce and lift.

Add Texture to limp locks
Braid slightly damp hair at the crown, make only a few braids depending upon the thickness of your hair. Let dry completely, take braids out, spritz on a lightweight hair spray and run fingers through.
For bouncy hair:

Saturate freshly washed hair with half & half, concentrating on the scalp. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse.
Baby fine hair

Create a hair plumping rinse by separating three large eggs; discard the yolks then mix whites with enough water to make it runny. Pour over hair.
Limp hair

On freshly washed hair, massage in beer concentrating on the scalp only. Do not rinse out and your hair will have volume!

Shampoo with Hair Volumizing Shampoo to gently and thoroughly cleanse away any build-up from styling aids. Before styling, warm up a small amount of styling gel in your hands and apply to dry hair to create lots of volume and texture.
To Thicken Hair

Add a tablespoon of powdered gelatin to your shampoo.