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Eye Makeup
Eye Makeup

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The eyes are the windows to your soul. What do your eyes say about you? Want gorgeous eyes that get attention? Use the color chart below and tips to bringing out your eyes best features and brighten-up your whole face.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have your own long silky lashes. If you’re not, you can dress up what you’ve got with mascara or fake lashes. Invest in an eyelash curler. When the lashes are straight, they tend to curtain the eyes and make them look smaller. When they are swept upward, more of the iris is revealed and they seem larger and more luminous.

Grip the hairs gently with the curler, count up to thirty, and release. For a more pronounced curl, release the grip and move to a new position two or three times. Another reason this is a good idea is to keep the lashes from brushing against the lenses of your eyeglasses if you wear them.

(1) Choose the type of mascara you like best-cream, cake, waterproof, or otherwise. Whatever you choose, get any color as long as it’s black. The only exception to this rule is if you have absolutely white brows and lashes; then choose brown. Be sure your eye liner is on perfectly before you start with the mascara.
(2) With a brush or wand, apply the mascara with upward and outward strokes. Don’t use too much or your lashes will become matted. Now lightly pat on loose power or apply lash builder. Then mascara again.

(3) If you want to be really dramatic, you can repeat this a couple more times. You’ll beastounded at the new “growth” you’ve produced. Apply mascara in an upward motion starting at the bottom and going up towards your eyebrows. Apply several coats to thicken eyelashes. Apply 1-2 coats to bottom lashes.

Eye Shadow Applications
eye shadow     (1) Use lighter shades to highlight under the brow, darker shades on the lid and the crease of the eye.
(2) Apply highlight color to brow bone area from inner to outer eyebrow. Use your brow bone as a guide. If you would like to make your eyes appear to be wider, apply highlight from the inner corner of you lower lid to the middle of the lower lid.

(2) Apply highlight color to brow bone area from inner to outer eyebrow. Use your brow bone as a guide. If you would like to make your eyes appear to be wider, apply highlight from the inner corner of you lower lid to the middle of the lower lid.

(3) Apply darkest contrast to your lid crease. (Open your eye and where your lids crease in the middle is the crease area.) Be sure to blend slightly into your highlight areas to avoid a line.

(4) Apply medium color to eyelid area and lightly blend the 3 colors together.

Eyeliner Application
Apply your eye liner as close to your lash roots as possible. You do this by drawing a line from the inner edge of the upper lid out to the outer corner, making the line a little wider as you go out.
Start with a very thin line at the inner corner and let it widen just a bit as you get toward the outer edge. Don’t draw the line close to the very end of your eye, but a quarter-inch from the end start a slight upward curve. Never extend it beyond the crease of the eye.
Now take the liner and make a very, very thin line just under the outer corner of the lashes and extended out a bit. And you can, with a very fine brush, draw on some tiny lower lashes.

Eye Makeup Remover
• 1 tbsp castor oil
• 1 tbsp light olive oil
• 2 tsp. Canola oil
Blend the above ingredients together. Apply with tissue or cotton ball to remove
makeup around the eyes.

For Deep-Set Eyes
Rely on pale, shimmer shades to enhance your eyes. Sweep a light Professional Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow shade across lid from inner corner to a small bit beyond the outer corner. Place a touch of a deeper shade in the eye crease. Blend.

For Wide-Set Eyes
Make them appear closer by applying a deeper Professional Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow shade from inner corner to midlid.
Apply a lighter shade from mid-lid to outer corner. Blend in the middle of lid where shades meet.

For Close-Set Eyes
Make them appear wider by applying a dot of Invisible Concealer to the innermost corner of both eyes. Create a very thin Perfect Point Plus Pencil line near lash edge of top lid that thickens toward the outer corner. Create a very thin Use Professional Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in a pale shade from inner corner to mid-lid; apply a just-slightly deeper shade from mid-lid to outer corner; blend in the middle.

For Glasses-Wearers
If your frames are boldly colored, you don’t need to add more color with shadow. Play up lashes instead. If you wear brown mascara, try black. And to make them their full, feathery best apply Super Thick Lash Mascara at the roots, gently wiggling wand into lashes, then roll up. For tortoise shell or horn-rimmed framewearers, take time to shape and define eyebrows. You want brows to frame your face not frames.

For Asian Eyes
Sweep a light-colored Professional Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow over entire eyelid. Use a Perfect Blend Pencil to create a thick, smoky line along top lashes (thick enough to be seen when your eye is open) and a thinner one under bottom lashes.
To widen eye area, fill in brows using a brown-toned Professional Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow. Use two to three coats of Super Thick Lash Mascara. If you’re over 30, it’s generally best to avoid black mascara (unless you’re coloring is very dark). Brown or brown-black shades look softer and more flattering on most everyone.

You can create an eye-widening effect by applying a second coat of mascara to upper lashes’ outer corners.
To open up your eyes and enhance their natural shape, try using three shades of eye shadow this way: Apply the lighter shade all over the eye, with the medium shade in the crease for contouring and the darker shade alone as a soft eyeliner, or at the outer corner of your eyes. For a mistake-proof application, put one coat of mascara on before your shadow and one coat after. That’ll give you a better sense of the eye’s shape, and the second coat will cover any powder that’s landed on lashes.

You can try a pearlescent eye shadow for an evening look, but limit shimmer to lids only. If it’s worn all over the eye, the sparkle can highlight fine lines. Look for soft, shimmer browns, or brighten matte eye shades you already have by applying a touch of silver or white shimmer to the center of the lid.

To add drama and depth to your eyes, use dark brown or brown/charcoal eye pencils gently smudged and apply it first, before shadow, to keep the look soft.

Or you can use a black eye shadow as a liner a softer, smokier look than liquid liner. For all-out glamour, use it to add a thin line right at the lash line, and the same under lower lashes (but doing just the outer third of the eye).
To enlarge your eyes: take your black liner and outline your top lid, extending the eye line a fraction, about a sixteenth of an inch, beyond the natural corner of your top lid. Now take a charcoal gray or brown eye liner-or brown eye shadow and brush-and draw a line along the lower lid, starting about a quarter-inch from the outer corner, and extend it out until it meets the black line, forming a tiny triangle.

Fill in the triangle with white eye makeup applied with a brush.When you shop for eye shadow, don’t match the color of your eyes or go brighter than your own eye color.A third trick to make small eyes seem much larger and large eyes positively enormous: draw a thin brown line under the brow just under the bone. Once drawn, the line is almost erased, with just a hint remaining.Here’s how you can draw a straight line with liquid eyeliner: Prop the elbow of the hand you’re drawing with on a table for extra stability. Gently stretching your skin with the other hand also keeps you on the straight and narrow.

If your eyelids are too heavy, use a darker shade of makeup on the lids over your regular shade. Then use white or a light shade of makeup under your brow above the crease. For the best, non-clumpy, natural looking lashes: Use light layers of mascara, carefully separating your lashes between coats with an eyelash comb or small toothbrush. Metal combs work the best for this.

Under eye circles?

Mix a bit of light blue eye shadow with your moisturizer; apply under your eyes. The blue color helps diffuse light. Follow with foundation or light concealer.

Too much eye shadow?

Don’t start over. Just dip a small blush brush in bronzing powder and sweep over entire lid. Bronzing powder is a neutral tint, so it will just soften the color of your shadow without changing it.
Instant bigger, brighter eyes. Line upper and lower lash lines with white eyeliner, tracing as close to lash line as possible. Your eyes will look larger and more alert!

For super thick lashes. Lightly powder lashes to give the mascara a coat to cling to. Let dry for at least one minute. Apply second coat.

Make redness vanish. Reach for soft pink to make the whites look bigger and brighten bloodshot eyes. Sweep soft pink shadow on the inside corners of eyes using an upward motion and fluffy shadow brush. Make sure to blend well.

Eye and lip pencils. If they are too soft, refrigerate for 30 minutes before using. Over 25? Stay away from any and all frosted eye shadows. They make the skin around your eyes appear old and wrinkled even if you aren’t old!
Forget your eye shadow? Use your blush as a contouring color. Lightly sweep the color on your brow bone Widen your eyes–Eliminate redness and widen eyes by stroking a light layer of shimmer white eye shadow over the entire lid.

Out of eyeliner? Take your thinnest application brush, (everyone should have a set of make-up brushes if you wear make-up!) Next, damping it slightly and gently rub across the shadow compact and apply carefully!.