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Tips for Perfect Eyebrows
To figure out where your brow should begin and end, hold a pencil vertically at the outer part of your nostril so it goes straight up to the inner core of your eye; the line it follows is a good place for your brows to start. Never go past diagonal line running from the line of the nose to the outside corner of the eye.

Pluck any stray hairs between the pencil and the bridge of your nose. To pin-point where your brows should end, hold the pencil at the same place against your nose and angle it to the outer core of your eye; the spot where the pencil hits is a good stopping point
To get the right arch angle pencil to the outer side of the pupil. The spot where the pencil hits the brow is where the top of the arch should be. Repeat on the other side. Mark both sides with a colored eyeliner to make sure they’re symmetrical before you start plucking away.

Painless Plucking? If you soak your brow region under a warm, wet cloth, your pores will open up and loosen their tight grip. Using tweezers, pluck stray hairs with swift, sharp movements in the direction they grow.
Select shade of eyebrow pencil to match natural color of hair or for a more natural look use eye shadow in a shade close to natural color of hair and very lightly apply with a fine brush.

For great eyebrows, put some lotion on your wrist and while you are coloring in your brows, dip the pencil in the lotion to make brows look more defined.

Now use your Brow & Eye Pencils in light, feathery strokes to fill in gaps. Start at brow’s inner corner and taper out. Extend slightly at the outer corner and accentuate the natural arch.
Squirt a tiny bit of hairspray on the tip of your finger and then smooth over your brows for long-term hold.

How Brows Affect Your Eyes
Deep-Set Eyes: Use a pencil two shades lighter than your hair. Line top and bottom lash line with a pencil in a matching shade. Enlarge the space between the eyes and brows-raise the brows slightly by penciling in a little above the bone.
Round Eyes: Fill in brows with a shade that matches your hair. Line top lash line with a pencil in a darker, smokier shade.
Small Eyes: The softer the brow, the bigger eyes will appear. Pair a soft shade to brows and lash lines. Smudge a deeper shadow along top lash line and finish with mascara in Black Brown.
Close set eyes: widen the space between the brows a little by plucking, and extend the pencil line at the ends.
Wide set eyes: pencil eyebrows a little closer to the nose, and do not extend them out at the ends.
Bulging eyes: tweeze out any hairs that grow down too far over your eyes and raise the brows slightly from below.

Color Rules for eyebrows
If you lighten your hair two shades or more, lighten brows within two shades of your new color.
Blondes’ brows are best-dressed in a light-brown pencil.
Redheads’ brows look hot in an auburn pencil for day, dark-brown for night.
Brunettes’ brows smolder in deep-brown tones; black is best after dark.
Eyebrows too dark?–Stroke a concealer pencil over them, followed by translucent powder. It will lighten the brows without really changing the color.
Eyebrows too light?–Have them tinted a darker shade. This will frame your eyes and if you are not good with makeup this will look the most natural. Have it done every six weeks or so. You can also purchase tinting kits at beauty supply stores if you feel confident you can do it yourself.

Quick Tips for Eyebrows
• Steam your eyebrows with a hot washcloth before tweezing. Or pluck right after a shower so hair comes out more easily.
• If skin is still too sensitive, try applying ice or a numbing toothache medicine before you begin.
• Refrigerate your eyebrow pencil for 30 minute before using to make it firmer for applying thin lines.
• To make thin brows appear thicker, first fill in sparse areas with a eye shading pencil. Then blend and soften.
• Avoid heavy foundation on brows. This can make brows appear to be orange.
• When tweezing, pull hair out in the direction of growth. When waxing brow,
put off strip in the opposite direction of grow.
• To avoid in-grown hairs, apply a toner or astringent directly after tweezing.
• Create thin, hair like lines with a brow pencil by using quick, short dots and dashes for a more natural look. Or apply a light application of mascara to shape and slightly darken your brow.