Dry Skin Scrubs


You can use any of these recipes for your whole body. Just times the ingredients by 4 and slather it all over, for soft sensuous skin from head to toe.
Dry Skin Scrubs Tips, Calendula Cream, Rosewater Toner, Honey and Almond Scrub, Honey mask, smoothing cream

Comfrey and Calendula Cream
• 1 tbsp beeswax
• 1 tbsp lanolin
• 1 tbsp cocoa butter
• 1 1/2 tbsp calendula oil
• 1 tsp glycerin
• 1/4 tsp borax
• 2 tbsp warmed comfrey leaf infusion
• 6 drops essential oil of pit grain

• Melt the beeswax
• Melt the lanolin and cocoa butter together
• Gradually stir in the lanolin and cocoa butter mixture into the beeswax
• Warm the calendula oil and glycerin
• Slowly stir calendula oil mixture into the wax mixture
• Dissolve the borax into the warm comfrey infusion
• Stir infusion into the Mixture
• Continue to stir until mixture is thick and cool
• Add in the essential oil
• Spoon into jars with air tight lids and label

Rosewater Toner (for dry, sensitive or mature skin)
• 3/4 cup of rosewater
• 6 drops of glycerin
• 2/3 cups of witch hazel
Instructions: Blend all ingredients in a bottle and shake well before use.

Honey and Almond Scrub
• 1/2 small jar of Cold cream
• 1 tablespoon Honey
• 2 tablespoons slivered almonds
Whirl slivered almonds in a blender pour into a small jar and mix with cold cream and honey. Smooth onto face in circular motion for 1-2 minutes and rinse off.

Rose Water Dry Skin Cleanser
• 1/2 cup avocado oil
• 1/4 cup lanolin
• 1/4 cup glycerin
• 1/4 cup rosewater
• 4 drops jojoba oil
• 3 drops carrot
• 2 drops bergamot
In a double boiler, blend the lanolin and avocado oils over gentle heat. Add the remaining ingredients and blend well.

Homemade Summer Exfoliation
Mix 1/8 cup of olive oil and 1 heaping tablespoon of sea salt. Scrub all over in the shower and rinse off. Pat dry with a soft towel.
Flaky Face Scrub
Mix 1/4 cup honey with 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves and smooth on face. Leave on 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Gentle Skin Exfoliation
Mix 3 teaspoons fine oatmeal with 3 teaspoons double or heavy cream. Apply to skin and rub lightly; rinse off.
Oatmeal Citrus Scrub
• 1 cup Dried orange and lemon peel
• 1 cup Cooked oatmeal
• 1 cup Blanched almonds
Mix together and apply to skin and rub lightly; rinse off.

Soothing Skin Toner for Wrinkles
• 2 tablespoons of vodka
• 1 tablespoons of fennel seeds
• 1 1/2 teaspoon of honey
Stir well and allow sitting for 3 days. Strain mixture. Use full strength or add 2 tablespoons of water to dilute. Use a cotton ball to apply to face as a toner.This is also a tried and true recipe for wrinkles.

Avocado Honey Mask
• 1 large Avocado
• 1 T Honey
Peel and slice avocado. Puree with honey. Pat it gently to the face and continue patting until the mask feels extremely tacky to the touch. Relax and leave the mask on 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Oatmeal Honey Scrubbing Cream
• 1/2 c Uncooked oatmeal
• 1 T Honey
• 1 T Cider vinegar
• 1 t Ground almonds
Only for firm, young, resilient skin. Place oats and almonds in food processor and whirl until mixture is a fine powder. Combine all in a glass or enamel bowl.
To Use: Steam your face or lay warm washcloth on face for 1 min. Apply mixture to your face being careful to avoid the sensitive area around eyes. Let dry on skin completely. If your skin is young and firm, you can gently rub dried mixture off with a clean terry washcloth or towel. Lean over sink and rub face in brisk but gentle circles with the cloth. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

All Purpose Scrub
It’s in a dry form, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad or spoiling. You will need a nut or seed grinder, or a coffee grinder, to make this recipe. If you use a coffee grinder, make sure you wash it out thoroughly, or else all the herbs and grains will smell like coffee.
• 1/4 cup ground oatmeal
• 1/4 cup ground raw sunflower seeds
• 1/4 cup ground raw almonds
• 1/4 cup white cosmetic clay
• 1/2 teaspoon dried peppermint
• a dash of powdered cinnamon.
This makes approximately 1 cup. You can keep it in a Ziploc plastic bag for up to one year. It will not spoil as long as you keep moisture out of the bag. To use as a facial scrub, mix 1 tablespoon of dry mixture with 1 tablespoon of water, if you have oily skin, or 1 tablespoon of milk if you have normal skin, or 1 tablespoon of heavy cream if you have very dry skin.

Stir thoroughly until a paste forms. Apply to your skin, face, and throat in circular motions and let stand for one minute. If you want to use this as a mask, just let the paste remain on your skin for 20 minutes, until dry. Rinse with warm water and follow with moisturizer if needed.

All Over Body Scrub
Mix 3 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal with 2 tablespoons almond oil. Scrub
all over lightly, then rinse.