Beautiful Blush

Beautiful blush
Beautiful blush

Tips for beautiful blush
Blush is an important part of make-up. With the help of an accurate applied blush you can refresh your face, make it looking much better and healthier. To make blush look natural, you should put it on just enough to highlight your cheeks, but not be able to tell it is there.
blush tips     The color of blush must match to the skin and hair color and lipstick and nail polish color also. Palette of beige and pink tints is appropriate almost to everybody. All tints of beige and pink are suitable to light skin; more dark tints (coppery and coral colors) are suitable to brown sunburned skin. Orange tints are suitable to red-haired women.

• If you use powder blush apply it after powder to blend it in lightly and achieve more accurate shading.
• Apply cream blush before you put on powder and blend well to define your cheek bones. Now follow with powder.
• Blush is put on at few directions. If you have an oval face put blush on the cheek-bones.
• Round faces seem to be longer if the blush is put on from temples to lip corners like triangle. There is the simplest way to put on the blush, which is appropriate to everybody. Put blush on the cheek like an oval at the nose level. If you put on too much blush, cover cheek with some quantity of light powder. The color of blush becomes softened.
• How to find more suitable color. The most important thing for choosing the right color is skin color, hair color and shape of your lips.
For light skin and blonde hair: all shades of orange, pink, purple.
For dark skin and dark hair: all shades of red, violet.
For light skin and dark hair: all shades of brown and beige.
For red hair women: coral-red, brown and bronze colors.
• To slenderize a round face, Sweep bronzer over temples, cheekbones and under your chin. Use a fluffy brush and light powder to highlight forehead, cheekbones and tip of chin.

Blush Mistakes
Lots of mistakes are made and here are just a few of them.
• Choosing too light a color. It makes no difference because you can’t see it.
• Choosing too dark a color. I have seen this happen a lot. Women have two spots on their faces of color and you can spot them from 100 feet away.
• Choosing the wrong color entirely. Red lipstick and apricot blush doesn’t work but you will be amazed at how often that combination has been used.
• Cream blushes used on oily skin. You might have a little color but the shine would blind you.
Right kind of Blush for you
• Cream Blush… for older women with dryer skin
• Gel Blush… for teens who want a sheer touch of color
• Powder Blush… most popular choice and has the longest staying power
What Color of Blush Should I Wear?
• red lipstick… reddish or pink toned blush
• rose lipstick… rose blush
• pink lipstick… pink blush
• coral or apricot lipstick… peachy toned blush
• Brown toned lipstick… bronze shades of blush with the same undertones as the lipstick.
Create Dramatic Cheekbones
• Dust a little dark powder along the cheek hollows. This can be just a darker shade of your shadow.
• Apply blush to the “apple” of your cheeks. Don’t go too close to the nose.
• Apply a highlighter to the area above your cheekbones. Just a few dots will do and then blend well so that it isn’t noticeable.
Make You’re Blush Last Longer. Smooth on a little cream blush and then apply the powdered shadow in the same shade family and watch how long the color lasts now.